Friday, February 29, 2008

I am always amused when we walk in to Chipotle and I see several tables with young kids and their McDonalds. Their folks must drive-through to grab a Happy Meal for them before they head to the famous burrito shop [not to bag on those parents, we all have our days when McDonalds totally rocks, I love em, not gonna pretend I don't].

I just have to share that Chipotle is actually very kid friendly, and in fact C chose Chipotle over McDonalds today when given the choice. Here is what we get and it works really well for my little ones (I share this simply because I did not know these options existed until I witnessed other pioneers before me):

- A small cheese quesadilla for each girl ($0.69 a piece)
- A side of black beans (if you haven't tried these, they're very delicious and nutritious)
- A side of guacamole (my girls eat this by the spoonful, weird I know, but it is also fairly healthy)

They are full when we leave, with a moderately nutritious meal. And today we all three ate for under $7.00 and it sure beat hamburgers/fries/nuggets.

Mc (4 pc. McNugget Happy Meal)* vs. Chip (see above)*

Calories - 440 vs. 355
Fat - 23g vs. 16g
Cholesterol - 35mg vs. 15 mg
Sodium (this is the bad one for Chip) - 630 mg vs. 794 mg
Vit A - 0% vs. 19%
Vit C - 4% vs. 8%
Calcium - 2% vs. 20%
Iron - 8% vs. 12%

*I found all of these nutrition facts on these two sites: ChipotleLovers and McDonalds

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Linda said...

Did you know that Chipotle is owned by McDonalds? Hmm, makes you wonder. LOL