Saturday, February 2, 2008

good golly, the day got away from me yesterday
and I just realized I MISSED Friday completely!

Friday's Fond Memory
(our house in Albuquerque)

For seven years of my life, I lived in Albuquerque. It was only from age 3 to about 10, but long enough to form some significant memories, like this one: Our house had just been built. Mom and Dad had surely selected a floor plan, a builder, a site. But my memories with this house really start on this day. Mom and Dad drove up to show us our new house. Christopher and I immediately began to panic, "WHERE'S THE ROOF!" We were so used to the midwest and the southwest style had thrown us for a loop. We were certain the builder had forgotten something. Out our back door we would have an awesome view of the mountains, down the street we would make great friends. Across the street a still-vacant lot would provide for a place (albeit dangerous place) to play. We would have a great time at this house. I too, remember the day that we piled into the blue mini-van in the driveway for the last time. I watched out the back window as the house went out of site, and realized in my childish way that this chapter in my life was over. We would never drive up to that house again and call it 'home.' I did not see it again until last summer, when we drove through Albuquerque on our way home from is what it looks like now...

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