Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Do you know what an Antipode is?
It is the diametrically opposite side of the earth from any point.

Basically, when we were innocent (and dumb) enough to think we could dig our way to China, we thought China was the Antipode to our house.

Well, here goes Google, amazing us with maps again

This website will show you what is on the opposite side of the world to any place. Turns out that ANY child in the 48 contiguous states would have ended up in the Indian Ocean which leads me to note "Dang that Indian Ocean is HUGE". Then I wondered, what is the actual Antipode to China?...turns out only the naive little children in South America are going to make there way to China by digging a very deep hole. Thank you Google for proving that I am a geographically impaired American!

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