Thursday, December 20, 2007

From the email I just received from my mother-in-law,
she took Carolyn to get her hair cut today...
the things we do for our [grand]children;-):

"Well we had success-I thought for awhile at home I wasn't going to, but we did. She cried and cried, and come to find out, she was afraid that it was going to hurt and bleed when Connie cut her hair back by her neck. I told Carolyn I would let Connie cut a piece of my hair back there so she could see that it didn't hurt or bleed. She finally agreed to that. Boy, she held me to that, too! Once she had seen that it didn't hurt me, she seemed to be okay and she was such a big girl and didn't cry once, and she talked all the way while Connie was cutting her hair!"

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