Friday, December 21, 2007

this is Christmas to me

Christmas is bar-none the most anticipated, exciting time of the year for me. My parents and grandparents have made it a remarkable celebration every year since I can remember, so not only do I enjoy the new experiences, but remembering the numerous fond memories of childhood. I thought the concept of Santa Claus was terrific. I loved that there were always dozens of treats stashed on counter and table tops for everyone to munch on. (I distinctly remember sneaking sugar cookie after sugar cookie from Grandma's pantry). And most of all I cherished the time with my family. Both my mom and dad's side of the family are very large, and we would gather together every year to celebrate together, without fail. Above is a picture from one-such Christmas. My grandparents are seated on the couch among a myriad of grandchildren...happy as clams! (Notice the presents overflowing into the hallway, another perk that I forgot to mention about Christmas...)

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