Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday's Fond Memory

I think one of the things I am enjoying so much (particularly this time of year) with my girls is sharing little bits of my childhood with them. The picture above could just as easily be easy-going Julia holding Grandpa's hand, with sassy Carolyn proudly pulling her along. But instead, it is me and my adorable, quiet brother, holding the hand of our Grandpa. We are on his front walk, that makes a Y as it decends to either the driveway or the mailbox...the same walk Carolyn skipped up just days ago to 'Show Grandpa my Dress!' Though my Grandpa has aged a bit, you would never know it if you listen as he watches his great-grandchildren play and learn. His laugh was still as happy and young this weekend as he belly-laughed as Julia reached for Anna's face in an attempted open-mouth kiss. And I am eternally grateful for every minute that he and they get to spend together. Likewise with all of the remarkable family that has miraculously stayed so close through the years. It is amazing that my daughters have SO many people to love them tremendously. My cousins sport Carolyn's picture on their cell phones, and the girls clutter the fridge of my aunts and uncles. But most importantly my Grandparents, who love me and my cousins unconditionally, have passed the same on to my daughters. My Grandpa would just as proudly be holding any of our hands in that picture, and that is a relationship many never get to experience.

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