Sunday, December 9, 2007

A few months ago I had never even heard of Boden clothing,
now they're everywhere...
Their children's line is particularly eye-catching
I love the models they use and the poses the picture them in
(in the magazine they note the child's first name and fun fact...
for instance this beautiful little gir's name is Olivia,
animal she'd like to be: giraffe.
This is a fun place to look at unique children's names...
some of the girl models name
were Ellie, Camilla, Florence, Beatrice, Stella, Clara,
Moa, Maja, Elsa, Allessia, and Lova.
Boys names too...Asher, Killian, Axel, Stan, Theo, Arno, Titouan and Anton)

C would LOVE this dress, and I'd love to see her in leggings

These pants are adorable, and who wouldn't want to own their own
Velvet Trim Baggies!?!

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