Monday, November 19, 2007

One of the new additions to the Schultz Family library thanks to my cousin, the journalist...

"Here, presented in the very matter-of-fact, detailed and mischievous way that children themselves tend to explore such issues, is everything a child could want to know about the nose and what comes out of it. The text, delightfully illustrated with bold, funny sketches, moves quickly through holes in people's and animal's noses, hairs in noses, stuffy noses, dripping noses and bleeding noses. Parents may blanch or stifle chuckles when the text winds up for the single most interesting aspect of noses from a child's-eye view. Complete with arrows, the illustrations detail how this transformation occurs, while the text continues: 'Boogers are made from dirt, so they're dirty. Even if you line them up neatly like this, they're still dirty.' The Holes in Your Nose...perfectly reflects the sensibilities of a culture in which there is nothing wrong with telling people that they've gained weight and that there are pimples on their faces. After that, frankness about the mundane workings of the body is par for the course." - The New York Times Book Review

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