Thursday, November 8, 2007

I am wondering something tonight,
what does a "Relaxing Photo" look like to me...
in other words, I am looking for a photo that I could
step into to feel totally relaxed...
I saw some sunsets and beach pictures,
none of which hit the spot.
Then I saw this and I realized
that my extrovert personality never wants to be alone.
All of those beach pictures demonstrating complete solitude
only make me nervous and lonely and uncomfortable.
But this picture, this relaxes me, I could sit down
with a few friends and chat and really relax.
Why all the talk about 'pretend' relaxing...
well, it's been a long week, and it's not even over.
Going back to work is a tough transition, but isn't life one big transition?

1 comment:

Becky & Co. said...

Now see, I LOVE to be alone...but this picture does look nice....ahhh....a bit of relaxation would be good today. :)