Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday's Fond Memory
the "kids" table
This Thanksgiving I was reminded of the days when we (Christopher, Michael and myself...and eventually Emily) were relegated to the "kids" table. In this picture I am sporting my Dorothy Hamill hairdo, Michael is looking less than impressed with the yahoos he's been paired with, and Christopher is overly proud of a stuffed reindeer and is also sporting the Hamill do. When I was that age I couldn't WAIT to be all grown up...oh to drive and carry a purse and stay up late...Now that I am all grown up, I would give anything to go back to Grandma's house, just the way it was that day, and enjoy one more holiday as a carefree child, no toddlers to chase, no money to fret over, no aging grandparents or other un-fun things that you have to worry about when you get 'all grown up'.

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