Saturday, November 24, 2007

Catalogues are pouring in with Christmas only 31 days away!
I'd never seen this company before,
but I can tell we will be well acquainted in years to come...
Brainy Toys for Kids of All Ages

This is a balancing game (priced at under $10)
and totally adorable. The child just rolls the die
and attempts to balance a peg of that color on the moon...
even I want to play this game!

And what is it with me and floor puzzles?
I love this one of the 50 states, and each state has a
symbol that fits inside (Alamo for TX, arch for MO, etc.)

This book made me think of Becky's daughter, Lily
all she asked for on her eighth birthday was a code book
this site has TONS of code books! Yeah for Lily!

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