Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Smiley Children
...no seriously, that's their name.

my sister, Emily's three beautiful children
Nathan, Natalie and Noah (Noah's Ark if you're Carolyn)

The Schultz girls (K, C & J)
left our abode in KC and headed west to
the land of the jayhawk (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!)
and the land of the Smiley Family (party of FIVE)

It was *great* to see my little sister
and her freakin' clean house (grrrr...)
Emily came up with this little project
which I loved. She watches a little HGTV now and then.

Here's what she did:
1. Purchase two fancy frames from Hobby Lobby (no glass needed, just the frames)
2. Purchase two cheap bulletin board the size of or larger than the frames
3. Cut the cork to fit the frames
4. Hang 'em up where you want all of your admiring friends and family to see them
5. Voila! You've got some fancy displays for your art (OK, or your kids' art)
The finished products.

Frame by Emily. Art by Nathan.

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